How to build a monolithic house of arbolite concrete with your own hands

Arboli is an environmentally friendly construction material that is affordable. For those who are not afraid of work and want to reduce the cost of construction to a minimum, can make a house of arbolite with their own hands. In other words, arbolite can be called “sawdust-concrete” or “drevobeton”. Дом из арболитбетона Both monolithic walls and blocks formed from sawdust and concrete are used for construction. For the manufacture of arbolite, various wood waste products (sawdust, small shavings, chips), dry concrete and water are used. Liquid glass, calcium chloride and caustic lime are used as additives. Companies that specialize in the production of arbolite produce it in the form of blocks and slabs of different sizes. Due to its structure, arbolite is easily sawed, which facilitates working with this material.

How to make monolithic arbolite with your own hands.

Арболит For the production of arbolite, the following equipment is needed: 1. Concrete mixer; 2. Forms; 3. Equipment for tamping, for example: a vibrating table; 4. A place for curing the finished product; Some specialized companies sell production technology and all the necessary equipment. But, in fact, you can do by yourself: concrete mixer to buy or rent, vibrating table to make your own hands with a sheet of iron, two pairs of large springs and a motor. Forms, you can also make yourself, from smooth wooden boards, lined inside with linoleum.

Preparation and proportions

The materials are taken in the following proportion: 1 part wood waste * 1 part dry cement, Portland cement grade 500 is recommended * 1.5 parts water. For batch arbolite concrete mass is taken well dried and sifted shavings, pour a solution of water with chemical additives, and turn on the concrete mixer, when the mixture is well mixed, add cement in several portions. Well-mixed mixture is placed in prepared forms, they are smeared with lime milk. For the strength of the blocks you can use reinforcement. The mixture is spread in three steps, the top level with a construction trowel. For better bonding and prevention of voids in the blocks, it is recommended to use vibro press. After a thorough mold laying leave the resulting product in the mold for a day. After 24 hours, take it out of the mold and gently lay it on a flat surface for final hardening. The place for drying should not be in direct sunlight, as over drying in the sun may cause cracking of the concrete. Cold, hardening blocks are not afraid, but it is worth noting that the frost is inadmissible. At zero temperature, water freezes, as a result of which the block structure becomes porous and loose, the blocks can easily collapse.

Reasons for choosing monolithic arbolite

1. Durable material, with the advantage of self-ventilation, thanks to the porosity of wood; 2. Environmentally friendly material, without toxic impurities; 3. Ease of construction, monolithic blocks are easy to mold to the right size windows and doorways; 4. Ease of sawing, it is very easy to achieve the desired shape and configuration; 5. Cost-effective material, the cost of the finished product is inferior to any other building element; 6. The possibility of making blocks or monolithic slab itself from improvised means; 7. Lightweight material, great for building on unstable soils. Practically does not give shrinkage; 8. Frost-resistant material, with good thermal insulation performance; 9. Excellent noise isolation, even near noisy objects (railway station, airfield) in the house will be quiet; 10. Perfectly holds decorative fixtures and lightweight decorative fittings.

Disadvantages of Arbolite

1. High water absorption. For the construction of a country cottage with high humidity, it is necessary to build a high foundation with waterproofing. 2. It is not possible to buy ready-made arbolite everywhere. The production of this building material is just being revived.

Production of monolithic arbolite can be a good hobby and business. By building a house, you will get a home, a new production experience and good earnings.

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