The role of damping tape for floor screed

The word “trifle” is not for nothing given in the figurative sense: when setting up high-quality, good-quality floor in your home, as, however, and not only the floor, there are no trifles. Experience of many years of construction and the subsequent operation of its results, allows us to confidently declare: the use of those materials that are recommended by professionals, and exactly as recommended, ensures that expectations are met. Screed tape is one of these materials. Secondary, but very important and functional.

What is such a tape

Демпферная лента Concrete floor screed tends to expand and contract under the influence of heat. To ensure that the coating is not damaged and does not cause damage to the floor material, along the perimeter, along the wall is laid a special edging strip, called damping strip. It is made of polyethylene foam, which has the property of sealing, freeing up the necessary millimeters for horizontal expansion of the concrete. Polyethylene foam is a material that combines all the necessary qualities of such a “layer” between the floor and the wall:

  • odorless, chemically neutral;
  • low flammable and environmentally friendly;
  • has a cellular structure of closed bubbles, resistant to temperature fluctuations;
  • moisture-resistant, durable and has a heat and sound insulating property.

Entirely affordable price and the possibility of laying with your own hands does not allow you to neglect this necessary edge layer. The adhesive layer applied on the reverse side is a reliable attachment, which is provided by a professional screed damping tape.

Different variants of the damping strip

Tape to ensure the expansion of the concrete screed is available in rolls, its width varies, from 5 to 15 cm, the thickness reaches 10 mm. Укладка демпферной ленты Optionally, the tape can be straight or contain a polyethylene film, which should be carefully bent with your own hands, thus forming a sealed overlap screed joint, not allowing the moisture of the concrete to penetrate down. Such a film is called a “damper. The adhesive layer of the edge strip is not applied on all damper tapes, and if the performance of the tape does not provide such a fastening, you need to make it yourself.

The basics of the correct application of the material

As is known, when carrying out repairs by non-professional masters, and with their own hands, home craftsmen often “sin” by excessive use of improvised materials. It is strongly recommended: not to use instead of a special tape for screed expansion foilgoizol or foilopenofol. Special building materials are designed so as to ensure the maximum quality of work performed. No compromises! So:

  • it is advisable to lay a continuous edge of the tape around the perimeter of the room, between the wall and the floor, rounding the ledges, corners and columns. When laying your own hands, it is desirable to have a partner who will ensure that the strip unwinds and get rid of its protective layer;
  • damper cloth should be pressed closely to the wall, after plastering it, leveled with putty and coated with a primer for better adhesion to the material;
  • the height of this edge should be slightly higher than the level of the screed: then the polyethylene protruding, will be trimmed or hidden under the baseboard.

Use special products during the construction process and the result will always be excellent. (1 ratings, average: 4.00 из 5)

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