Pros and cons of dry screed floor

Dry screed is considered one of the fastest methods to perform a perfectly level floor base under the finish coat. Although the compressive strength in this case is not as great as in the usual version, but it is enough even for rooms with significant traffic. Despite the impression of a fragile state of prefabricated construction, this screed works perfectly if you do the floor, even in the garage.

So, let’s understand in detail what exactly are the bulk floors, and how to properly make this leveling.
Укладка сухой стяжки пола
On top of the floor slabs of concrete place a polyethylene film, which is designed for waterproofing. Then apply the levelling backfill of expanded clay in a layer of 5-7 cm. Its purpose is to level and insulate the floor surface.

The next step is to lay a solid sheet of GFB or other. This is the screed, on which the clean floor is arranged. The number of layers and the necessary materials are selected on the basis of the design of the floor, guidelines for the quality of the coating. Using this method is possible and on the reinforced concrete slab, and on the beams on the wooden floor. Dry screed floor with their own hands – it is not difficult.

What are the advantages inherent in the dry screed

Dry screed is considered an excellent soundproofing agent. There are many advantages in comparison with concrete or cement screed:

  1. Dry screed can be done independently without the help of professionals, when, as a high-quality cement screed without having the initial skills and experience in construction – difficult and time-consuming to perform. This is due to the fact that it can not be made in several steps, as the cement mortar must harden. At one time, it is necessary to level the floors at least in one room, which is difficult for a non-specialist to perform. A dry leveling of the floor is allowed to do step by step, site by site, making changes and improving the effect.
  2. With concrete screed, you have to wait for the result of about 28 days until it dries, and only then can you walk on an even floor surface, completing the repair work. The dry method, on the other hand, allows you to work in the room almost immediately after laying.
  3. The next advantage of such a screed is an additional warm layer of the floor. Compared to cold concrete, dry screed on the floor, is much warmer. Consequently, there is no need to do electric or film floor heating.
  4. Dry screed protects against the penetration of unnecessary noise. This is ensured due to the properties of the loose material and polyethylene foam construction tape, which is placed over the area of the room, between the surface of the wall and the screed.

Tools for bulk floor screed

Инструмент для сухой стяжки
Leveling battens

Кромочная лента из полиэтилена

Сухая засыпка КОМПЭВИТ, 40 литров
Dry Backfill

Элемент пола КНАУФ
Floor Element

What disadvantages are characteristic of this method

Disadvantages of using dry floor leveling are insignificant before the presence of a large number of advantages, but they still need to be told about them.

The main disadvantage is instability to humidity. This method cannot be used in unheated and basement rooms, as well as in rooms with high humidity. If you do repairs in the apartment, then in the bathroom, it is better to do the leveling with a ready-made dry mixture “sandcrete” or to arrange several waterproofing layers. It is necessary, among other things, to know that dry leveling withstands only household loads, for this reason, you should not count on the device in areas with significant load and high traffic. The main area of application of this method are considered rooms in houses, apartments and offices.

Here we can also refer to the cost of such alignment. It cannot be argued that this method is considered an inexpensive construction work – still, its price cannot be attributed to the low figures.

On the downsides, including the need to say that such a layer is very thick, for this reason that not all rooms will be rational use of this method – it so happens that the height of the ceiling simply does not allow to make such alignment.
To summarize, the disadvantages of this method: unstable to humidity, price, the thickness of the layer.

What is the cost of dry leveling of the floor

For arrangement of dry levelling layer in the room of approximately 100 square meters one should buy the following building materials: 97 meters of metal profile, 4 cubic meters of expanded clay, 140 GFB sheets, 150 square meters of PE film, 1200 self-tapping screws for fixing the sheets, 5 kg of PVA glue. The total amount is about 45 thousand rubles.

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