Pouring the floor with self-levelling compound

Before laying any flooring, be it ceramic tile, laminate, parquet or linoleum, it is necessary to perfectly level the floor surface. If the alignment screed is not carried out well – soon the floor covering will crack and lose its beauty, and then again have to spend money on repairs. To date, the best is a self-levelling screed, which is easy to fill your own hands. To perform it, you do not need to use any special construction technologies or expensive scarce materials. If you use good quality materials and follow a simple technology – you will get a smooth and even floor surface. Cамовыравнивающаяся стяжка

Materials and tools

The technology of performing screeding involves the use of special construction compositions. They are self-distributed on the surface (if necessary, you can flatten during the application) and form a perfectly smooth horizontal surface. In addition, a primer will be needed (it is applied under such a screed floor). The use of the composition for leveling and primer of one brand and one manufacturer – a guarantee of a high-quality floor surface. To work will need to use the following construction tools: a drill (with a special attachment), a roller (ordinary and needle), a wide trowel, a container for mixing components, special beams.

Necessary tools

Насадка миксера
Mixer nozzle

Игольчатый валик
Needle roller



Calculation of dry mixture

Based on the thickness of the screed and the area of the room, you will need a certain number of bags. Calculate the consumption of self-leveling flooring per 1m2 is simple. The formula: V=S×H×1.8:

  • coefficient of 1.8 is the dry weight of the mixture, a layer of 1 mm per square meter of area;
  • H – the thickness of the layer in millimeters;
  • S – floor area (in m2);
  • V – Specific weight of the mixture.

Preparing the substrate for the floor screed

The purpose of this step is to clean and dry the base on which the self-levelling screed will be applied. It is necessary to remove any debris, dust in the most thorough way. Cleaned cracks, crevices and holes are filled with cement-sand mortar. Irregularities that protrude, remove and level the surface of the floor. Then the entire floor is primed to increase the adhesion of materials. The layer of primer must be completely dry. To control the leveling of the floor, beams are installed. First, the highest point is found and marked with a beacon. Then, using a level, expose other beacons (with a distance of about 1.5 to 2 meters) and fix them with mortar, and make marks on the walls. To the edges of the walls, which border the floor, a special edge tape is glued, so that the floor will not stick to the wall and not break after drying.

Preparation and pouring the mixture

Приготовление смеси The solution is very simple to prepare – the dry mixture is mixed with water, in strict accordance with the recipe specified by the manufacturer. Adding more water may lead to cracking of the floor, and less water may lead to increased viscosity of the mortar and poor flow. For uniform mixing you can use a drill with a special nozzle for viscous materials. Then perform the pouring of the floor screed. Pour the mortar so that it is distributed in an even layer (3 to 30 mm thick). If necessary, you can distribute the mixture with a wide trowel. In order to remove air bubbles, the mixture should be rolled with a special needle roller immediately after pouring. Pour the mortar rather quickly, so as not to allow it to solidify. Beamers are removed only after complete drying, the resulting recesses are additionally filled with the mixture and leveled with a trowel. Self-leveling screed hardens, as a rule, in a day, do not allow very rapid drying (for example, under the influence of sunlight, drafts, heaters). If all the steps were performed correctly – the quality of the resulting surface will be perfectly smooth and even. But with the further laying of finishing materials should not be in a hurry, it is desirable to start not earlier than two weeks. (2 ratings, average: 5.00 из 5)

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