Mesh for screed reinforcement

In order to level the surface before laying tile or other flooring, you need to create a screed beforehand. The quality of execution plays a big role, because it is responsible for the proper distribution of the load. In addition, you need considerable strength. To ensure that during the operation of the floor does not crack, reinforcing mesh for floor screed is used.

What methods of screed reinforcement are used in modern construction

Сетка The development of the industry goes on and today there are several basic methods by which the screed is performed. The choice depends on the type of substrate, the thickness of the layer, the availability of funds and others.

Welded metal mesh for floor screed

The most commonly used steel welded wire mesh. Manufacturers produce it with square meshes of 10 or 15 cm. This type is very common and is always available in construction stores. Screed reinforcement is carried out before the mortar is poured. The mesh is spread over the entire surface of the base. The main advantages of the metal material include:

  • High tensile strength characteristics. The welded structure transmits this parameter to the entire base;
  • Resistance to temperature changes. It is not afraid of frost and strong heat;
  • Good adhesion of the material, allowing the creation of a real monolith of mesh and concrete. Such a slab retains its shape well under considerable loads;
  • The service life coincides with the rest of the construction materials and there is no need to carry out special repairs of concrete.

Polymer building materials

In recent years, polymeric building materials have become increasingly popular. Plastic is also used to make a reinforcing base for pouring mortar. Now this option has become more common due to its obvious advantages, which include high resistance to moisture and alkaline environment, plasticity and lightweight design. The material will last for decades without losing its performance characteristics. Another useful feature is the absence of interference with radio communications, wireless networks and other things. The price is also pleased with its affordability.

Other types

The most innovative type of concrete reinforcement is fiber. It is made from various materials: propylene, basalt, etc. The material is very easy to use, but its high price keeps it from widespread use. Композитная сетка The next option is to use fiberglass mesh. They are most often produced with square cells of 4-6 mm from silicate glass by interlacing threads. There are different types of such reinforcement. To improve the characteristics, glass fibers are coated on top with a special polymer composition that does not allow the base to break down in an alkaline environment. Glass fiber is very delicate and lightweight, it is very easy to transport in rolls over different distances. In terms of functionality, it is similar to plastic.

Screed reinforcement by example of metal mesh

To create a concrete screed with reinforcement do the following:

  • The surface is cleaned of various debris, pieces of plaster and dust. If there are obvious cracks, they are puttyed or filled with mortar in advance;
  • Conduct a primer followed by the laying of waterproofing and insulation;
  • It is necessary to determine the future height of the surface. With the help of a level on the walls are made marks. All points are connected to each other. Straight lines should be obtained;
  • From the obtained line draw perpendiculars to the existing floor. It is necessary to find the minimum distance. It will correspond to the highest point. From this place and measure the height.

A horizontal line is drawn through the point where the concrete will be poured; Композитная сетка

  • On the floor is laid out a grid. The individual strips are laid overlapping one cell. After this, the beacons are placed. They can be wooden or metal;
  • The top of the beacons should be at the level of the future pouring of concrete. Between the beacons the distance is about one meter;
  • The entire surface of the floor is filled with a layer of concrete, which is smoothed with a metal rule. Pouring is carried out at one time. It is necessary to level the surface for an hour;
  • After a few hours the beacons are removed and the place of their installation is filled with fresh concrete mortar;
  • To protect the surface from drying out and cracking, it must be periodically watered from above. A week later the floor is ready for installation of the final coating.
With this small review, we have tried to convey to you that screed reinforcement is extremely necessary for any method of filling the floor with concrete.
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