How to perform mechanized floor screed

In the modern world, such floor screed has become quite popular. But contrary to its prevalence, not everyone knows what it is and how this process is performed. Floor screed is called the coating of the surface with a layer of cement and sand in order to level it or give it the necessary rigidity, as well as to cover plumbing pipes or electrics. The screed layer applied can either be the final coating, for example, in garages or storage rooms, or it can be the intermediate layer, i.e. it can serve as the flooring for the finishing surface.

Advantages of this type of floor screed

Механизированная затирка
After the alignment work and processing by a trowel machine, the surface will have unique characteristics. And the use of a trowel machine made it possible to achieve:

  • Smooth;
  • Smooth;
  • Durable;
  • Harmless to the health of the surface.

What equipment is needed to do a quality job?

Mechanized semi-dry screed is very different from the traditional liquid method. As for the qualitative performance of mechanized floor screed, stationary equipment, mobile units (compact mixers, equipped with wheeled chassis for transportation on roads), as well as a trowel machine are used.

Mixing process

Dry components such as sand, cement, gravel and polypropylene fiber are loaded into a specialized tank with thick walls. The inner surface of this machine (barrel) is protected by thick sheets of armored metal.
After that, the components of the mixture are thoroughly mixed and hermetically sealed. And when the preparation of the surface mixture through a rubber hose is fed to the place of laying.

How the process of mechanical semi-dry floor screeding is performed

The main work is divided into several preparatory stages, which are important enough to ensure that the alignment of the surface corresponds to the declared quality.

Stages of mechanized floor screed:

First. The surface, on which the mixture will be applied, must first be cleaned of debris, dust, as well as dirt. After which it will be treated with a primer.
Second. With the help of special equipment (laser) in the room is marked zero level, relative to which will be determined by the horizontal plane of the screed.
Third. Noise isolation and even drying is provided by laying a thin film of polyethylene.
Fourth. Along each wall must be installed polypropylene tape, which will compensate for the expansion of the applied material.
Fifth. After completing all the above work, mortar is fed into the room, which will be distributed accordingly to the previously applied marks.
Sixth. Using a grouting machine designed for semi-dry screed, the surface is grouted (sanded), which provides the appearance of a solid monolithic slab, which is able to withstand enormous loads.

How long will the applied layer harden?

On average, the time for complete drying of the screed does not exceed one day. And after three days, you can easily lay the finishing material. In order to provide the best conditions for curing, the surface is covered with polyethylene film.

What are the advantages of mechanized screed?

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Mechanized screed has its advantages

  • The applied layer hardens quickly, which saves maximum time. Since during the production of the mixture the minimum required amount of water is used;
  • Trowel machine used in the process of work, allows you to achieve a perfectly flat, smooth and durable surface;
  • Mechanized floor screed, unlike the “liquid” method, allows one team of specialists to carry out all the necessary work on the leveling of the floor quickly enough, which will also save a lot of time;
  • The use of special machines makes it possible to achieve that the floor screed of this type, both in the apartment and in a private home, was accurate, it had no microcracks, dust and voids.

Mechanized floor screed – a modern method for leveling absolutely any surface. The prevalence and popularity of this method is due to its unique features and advantages.

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