How to insulate concrete floors with penoplex under the screed by yourself

A cold floor in the house or apartment – is a source of illness and all sorts of colds, constant discomfort. As a rule, no carpet and linoleum do not save from the cold that comes through the floor. This problem is usually typical for apartments on the first floor, in panel apartments and private houses with unheated basement. Heat loss through an uninsulated floor can reach 20% Пол выстланный пеноплексом

Insulating the floor under the screed foam with your own hands – it is not only comfort and warmth in the house, but also to save money spent on heating. Insulated floor protects the house from overwatering from the ground, from the appearance of dampness and condensation on the walls, the growth of mold, damping of doors.

What is Penoplex

Penoplex is the trade name of one of the varieties of extruded polystyrene foam. It is characterized by many unique properties that have made the material literally a leader among the insulators:

  • low thermal conductivity coefficient;
  • practically zero water absorption;
  • total vapor tightness;
  • chemical and biological resistance;
  • wide temperature range of operation;
  • environmental safety;
  • durability – the heater retains its operational properties for more than 50 years.
It should be noted immediately that foamcoat is afraid of ultraviolet rays, so its storage without packaging material can not be allowed, especially in areas where sunlight can penetrate.

For floor insulation a special kind of foamlex is used – of higher strength and density. At low density of foamlex in 25-35 kg/cub its durability will be equal to 20 tons/sq. Almost on foamlex it is possible to walk without floor covering and no traces will remain on it. Penoplex is available in standard sizes of 600 x 1 200, a thickness of 20-100 mm. The thickness of the insulation for the floor of the loggia or the 1st floor should be at least 40-60mm, and for the apartments will be enough 20-30mm. Insulation is usually done with Penoplex 35. On sale you can find two types of insulation with straight flat edges and Ms-shaped edge, which is easier and easier to join and when properly laid it provides a monolithic coverage without cold bridges. Insulate the floor with penoplex under the screed is easy and simple with your own hands.

Insulation and preparation of the concrete base

Приклеиввание пеноплекса к полу
To insulate the floor with foamlex, you will need a little preparation of the base. The floor will have to level with a thin concrete screed.

  1. Remove the old coating, if it is linoleum. If you insulate the floor in the bathroom and on the loggia, in principle you can insulate and tile. The only thing you will have to calculate the future level of the floor, so that the doors open / shut quietly.
  2. Poured a thin cement screed to level the floor, so that there was no empty spaces under the boards of insulation;
  3. Lay a vapor barrier layer to increase the service life of foam. As a vapor barrier layer can be an ordinary polyethylene, which is laid overlapping, and the joints are glued with tape.

Laying foamlex boards: technology

Foamplex boards are laid butt-jointly, if they have straight cuts or in accordance with the relief of the edges. If due to irregularities in the base or walls, gaps are formed between the boards – they can be filled with assembly foam. Between the wall and insulation it is necessary to leave a small gap for temperature compensation of not more than 1 cm.

Another layer of vapor barrier is placed on top of the boards: the same construction film, fastened with scotch tape. And already on top of it the cement screed is poured. The screed contributes to a more even distribution of the load along the surface. It is not necessary to make the upper screed reinforced Стяжка по пеноплексу

The screed on the foam plastic stands for 7 days, and then the floor covering is mounted on top of it. Even if the design of the floor system is not laid system warm floor, insulation of the concrete floor foamlex your own hands gives excellent results.

Wet concrete screed in the case of insulating the floor of the apartment can be replaced by an easier to lay and clean dry plasterboard screed. Knauf produces a special line of gypsum plasterboard for dry screed in 2 layers.

Foamplex is very easy to install with your own hands. Warming the concrete floor with its help is possible even for a person not particularly conversant in the repair work. It is easy to cut with an ordinary knife, perfectly joined, especially in the presence of L-shaped edges. The slab weighs little, so you can work with it without an assistant.

Insulating the floor on the ground

If the floor in a private house is insulated on the ground, the technology of preparing the base may be somewhat different.
1. First poured crushed stone with a thickness of at least 30-40 cm and sand, at least 10 cm. The surface is flattened and rammed.
2. Foam foam boards with a thickness of 50-100 mm are laid.
3. A film or waterproofing is laid. Even a roofing felt can be laid.
4. Cement screed is poured.
5. The flooring is laid.

Rubble and sand can also be replaced by reinforced concrete screed. In this case, additional time will be needed for its complete drying.
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