How to fill the floors in the apartment with your own hands

Complete repair in the apartment is always accompanied by a change of flooring and prepare for this perfectly flat surface, for which the filling is done screed – a rather laborious and time-consuming process. Without it you can not do, if you decide to heat the floor or a high-quality and properly arrange their own hands any floor coating: linoleum, laminate, parquet, tile, etc. Screed – that is pouring cement mortar – universal, suitable for any room, environmentally friendly and safe, in addition, it is really easy to do with their own hands due to the emergence of ready-made mixtures. Advantages of concrete screed: 1. Strength and durability. 2. Resistance to various aggressive chemicals. 3. Fire safety. 4. It is not subject to the appearance of fungi and mold. Замеры пола

Materials and tools necessary for the work

To do the screed yourself correctly, you will need:

  • sand;
  • cement;
  • fine gravel;
  • self-leveling compound (optional);
  • primer roller;
  • trowels;
  • rule or wide trowel;
  • level;
  • door with a special nozzle for mixing.

Preliminary preparation of the surface

Carry out the preparation of the surface with your own hands is simple enough, this is the easiest stage. If the floor has an old coating, it must be removed, then remove existing debris, dirt, dust, get rid of grease stains, if any. Then the base must be primed with a roller in two layers. Remember that you can proceed to the next step only after a day, otherwise the primer will not dry completely. If you need a floor screed in a new construction, the preparation will actually include only the priming of the surface.

Remember that screeding the floor in the apartment is carried out after preparing the walls in the room. It is better to hire professionals, but if you decide to save money, it is quite realistic to do the screed with your own hands.

Hydro- and thermal insulation of the floor

Гидроизоляция пола This stage is not considered mandatory, but if you want to do everything right, it is better to take care of quality waterproofing, especially if there are gaps in the areas where the walls are adjacent to the floor. In addition, without a reliable waterproofing can not do in the bathroom and toilet. There are many different materials for waterproofing:

  • hot bitumen – the most economical option;
  • sealants;
  • polyethylene film;
  • membranes;
  • special priming compositions, based on epoxy resins.

To insulate the floor with your own hands you can use different materials, but the most popular cushion of crushed stone, sand or expanded clay. It has not only heat insulating properties, but also serves as a soundproofing layer. As insulation you can usually also use mineral wool or polystyrene foam.

Determining the horizontal level

To arrange a level base correctly can not do without a level: laser, construction or water level. With its help, they put marks on the walls and then expose beacons on the plaster mortar, as which you can use wooden or metal slats, put on the rib. This stage should be treated with the utmost responsibility, because of the proper installation of beacons depends on the flatness of the screed. The principle of installing the screeds is simple: the first at a distance of 30 mm from the wall, followed by a meter from the previous one, they are set along the entire room, after that the control level is checked. Remember that if you pour the floor with their own hands in the bathroom or toilet, the floor level should be below the threshold, so that in case of an accident water does not get into other rooms.

Laying the concrete mixture

Floors can be poured with your own hands, using a ready-made dry mixture (this is a more expensive option) or by mixing the concrete mortar yourself. Pour the mixture correctly starting from the extreme corner of the room, moving gradually to the door. It is necessary to put the concrete mixture between the screeds and carefully smooth it out with a rule in the form of a mop or putty knife. Movement of the alignment should be shaking, to further avoid the formation of voids. If you decide to do the filling with their own hands, it is advisable that you have an assistant, then the work to be done is much easier than by yourself: one person prepares the mixture and pours it in a strip 30-50 cm wide with an overlap next to the previous one, the second one levels and pours along the walls.Бетонирование пола Of course, it is easier to work with ready mixes, as they contain not only cement and sand, but also special plasticizers to improve the structure.

If expanded clay is used as insulation, it is first poured with a liquid solution, the so-called cement milk, after drying which proceeds directly to the pouring of the floor.

The layer of concrete dries up in about 4-5 days, but the floor becomes the final strength only after 4 weeks. After the final drying, you can already proceed to the device of finishing the floor on a perfectly flat and smooth surface. As you can see, screed with your own hands – it is not easy, but quite feasible. (1 ratings, average: 4.00 из 5)

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