Dismantling the concrete screed

Repair in the apartment, however, as well as redevelopment, begins with the dismantling of the floor, which includes the removal of various structural elements with their subsequent replacement. Screed dismantling – the process of labor-intensive, which requires the presence of specialized equipment. Демонтаж стяжки пола

Types of floor screed

  1. The cement one is the easiest. It can be dismantled with simple tools.
  2. Concrete – screed with the addition of small stones, crushed stone and other materials. To break it is much more difficult, but it can be carried out with the same tools as the previous one, but with a longer period of work.
  3. Composite – multi-layer, its strength depends on the number and quality of layers. Tougher than the cement screed.
  4. Reinforced – it’s concrete screed with metal reinforcement. Remove it very hard and without a special tool is almost impossible. The best way to remove reinforced concrete is diamond cutting. This type of work requires professionalism and is quite expensive, but it is done quickly and quietly.

The basics of breaking down the cement and concrete

Start disassembling the screed must be removed, from it the old flooring and baseboards. Break it down with simple tools such as a sledgehammer, crowbar, chisel, but it is not difficult to do with cement and some composite types. With other types, without the help of power tools, you will have to work hard. To remove concrete, at a minimum, you will need a punching machine, or better yet, a jackhammer. With percussion tools, the old cement can be crumbled into crumbs, but this method is very noisy. When working with a power tool, try not to damage the floors, or you will have to make repairs at the neighbors from below. Concrete flooring of all types is great to remove with a floor saw (even reinforced concrete). But the floor saw has its own disadvantage – it has a very high price.

What you need to know about concrete flooring removal

Dismantling the screed is very time consuming and noisy. Agree with your neighbors on excessive noise for the period of work to avoid subsequent conflicts. Think in advance where to put the trash and waste, as there will be a lot of it. A proven option: collect all the trash in bags and take it to the nearest landfill. Removing the old concrete coating is a dusty and traumatic job, use respiratory protection (respirator, gauze bandage), helmet and gloves. You can do most of the work yourself, but it is better to trust the professionals, especially if it is more complicated. (No ratings yet)

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