Consumption of fiber for floor screed

For several years, when performing floor screed, a reinforcing mesh was used, but recently different kinds of fiberglass are used more and more often. This material reduces the possibility of cracking of the floor during the drying of the concrete and the shrinkage that occurs. Fibers for screeding is a modern technology. Thanks to this filler increases the binding ability of cement mortar, making the shrinkage process more plastic. Since this material “spreads” over the entire volume of the mortar during mixing, it creates a uniformly reinforced layer, and the concrete structure gets increased strength. This method can be used for flooring in different rooms: when arranging floors in industrial workshops, in utility rooms, in warehouses and engineering buildings. This material makes it possible to eliminate the need to use reinforcing mesh, which reduces the overall weight of the structure, including money spent on auxiliary elements.

What advantages are characteristic of fiberglass

The use of such an additive to cement mortar makes it possible:

  1. Increase the durability of the floor surface.
  2. Eliminate the risk of concrete delamination.
  3. Reduce water absorption.
  4. Increase frost resistance, fire resistance of the structure.
  5. Reduce the curing time of concrete.

Adding fiberglass to the screed mixture, you will get a floor surface that will not crack, will not delaminate during the long time of use. The consumption of this material affects the quality characteristics of the screed: 300 grams of fiber per 1 cubic meter of mortar facilitates work, 600 grams per 1 cubic meter. – improve the strength of the surface, and the consumption of 800 grams. per 1 cubic meter makes it possible to achieve the best qualities of concrete.

What is the use of this material

This method is more often used in the implementation of horizontal works from the concrete of medium and high level of complexity. About the screeding of the floor surface, many for some reason, do not remember. Although fibers added to the construction mixture improves the self-levelling properties of the liquid concrete mixture, reduces the allocation of dust by the hardened layer. Consumption highly reliable screed at a layer thickness of 50 mm – 45 grams per m2, which in financial terms is 9 rubles. Special importance of fiber is at the device of the industrial floor, which is usually subjected to higher mechanical loads, due to which there is a strong allocation of dust from the separated small concrete particles, which has a negative impact on human health and can lead to failure of sensitive to air purity devices and equipment, settles on products manufactured in such a room, thus reducing its consumer characteristics. The use of fibers makes the surface of the concrete floor more resistant to abrasion, significantly increases the strength of the concrete monolith, eliminates its fragmentation, reduces the shrinkage of the structure under the weight of technological equipment and loading and unloading special equipment. (1 ratings, average: 4.00 из 5)

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