Real estate in Belgium

Brussels is the political, economic and cultural centre of Belgium. It is home to the central offices of the EEC Commission, NATO, as well as numerous representations and embassies of various countries of the world.

What is Belgium’s fascination for foreigners?

The original sights, perfectly developed infrastructure, life organized at a high European level, and annually built villages and housing estates of excellent quality.

Buying a flat, cottage, house in Belgium, is possible even for the person with average income, as the cost of real estate is lower than in other European states. In addition, the authorities of the country not only do not hinder investments in the economy and real estate, but also greatly simplified the procedure of registration of the purchase and sale. Some people in Belgium do not buy a house, but the land for the construction. It is necessary in advance to obtain all permits from the authorities and try to comply with all the subtleties.

Buying a home in Belgium is beneficial to many foreign investors and can offer them different options. You can find a flat or apartment in one of the apartment complexes. You will be pleased with the quality of construction and well-developed infrastructure, and a lot of social facilities and shops.

If you’re looking to buy a house, look no further than market housing. Dwellings in the centre were built around the beginning of the 20th century. This will be evident in the special decorative elements and the cozy garden. A house on the outskirts of the city will be larger, with its own garage, wine cellar and several bedrooms. Life in the suburbs is more peaceful and relaxed. Many people buy a house in the suburbs and commute to work from there. Distances in Belgium are short.
Today, the cost of housing in the country is affordable (1 sq m costs from 500 euros). Most often requested real estate in Brussels or Antwerp (the largest port city in the country).

Flat with an area of 100 sq.m. in Brussels can be purchased for 100-150 thousand euros. Paperwork for sale and purchase takes about 3 months. In the presence of the notary a preliminary agreement is drawn up and the buyer pays 10% of the total amount to the buyer’s account. The notary prepares a package of documents (preliminary agreement, land register attestation document, documentary evidence of the property sold (no encumbrances), technical specifications and so on). A foreigner can buy real estate on credit and from that moment on the buyer is the owner. The documents for the loan are executed at the notary, and the buyer pays the registration fee (12%).

If you are still considering whether or not to buy a property in Belgium, rent it for a while. Then, the sale can be arranged.

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