How to choose the right paint for a concrete floor?

If you have already made a concrete floor in the garage with your own hands, then it’s time to choose a finish for it. Concrete screed has a lot of undeniable advantages, but, unfortunately, without a coating it has one disadvantage: due to abrasion of the surface appears fine dust, which rising up can settle on the car, tools and furniture. To avoid this and to avoid spending a lot of money, you can use concrete floor paint in your garage as a finishing coat.

Краска для бетонного пола в гараже

The Preparatory Stage

For the floor in the garage to serve for a long time, you need to take care beforehand and protect it from possible external influences. To moisture from the soil does not destroy the base is necessary waterproofing floor in the garage. How to concrete the floor in the garage you can learn from our other articles. Before painting, it is necessary to prepare the base. To do this, all irregularities are eliminated, cracks are sealed with cement mortar. If the concrete floor in the garage has previously been painted, the old layer should be removed. The surface is cleaned from debris and dust. You can do a wet cleaning followed by drying. Such preparation will allow you to make a layer of paint even and thin. If the floor is still fresh, you need to wait for complete drying. Humidity is of great importance. We previously told you how to pour the floor in the garage. If the humidity is high, the drying rate will be very low. To check this, a polyethylene film is spread over the entire surface area and pressed on the edges. In the morning, after removing it, you can see the degree of humidity of the coating. If there are drops, you need to dry the room.

Impregnation of concrete

One of the ways to protect the premises from dust is the use of special impregnation primers. With its help, the floor in the garage will not collapse under the action of mechanical loads and form dust. Impregnation increases wear resistance, does not allow the concrete to deteriorate when exposed to aggressive substances such as oil, fuel or automotive chemicals. Now it is easy to clean and use. If a primer treatment was performed, it is not recommended to apply a varnish or paint on top.

Paint technology

The first thing is to paint a small strip along the walls. Ten centimeters of width is enough. Then you can already paint the middle. Since special paints based on epoxy resin after opening the can is not stored, it is better to use all the paint in one go and do not interrupt the work to complete coverage. How to fill the floor in the garage, we told in another article. The first layer is applied very carefully. It serves as a base and there is no need to overdo it. Too thick a layer takes longer to dry and can begin to warp. A thin layer, on the other hand, will not perform its function for long and the base material is clearly visible through it. The decision to apply a second coat should be made independently based on the quality of the coating, financial possibilities and type of paint. You should wait a few days for complete drying and only then drive your favorite inside. Conducting a proper paint procedure will help with long term protection of the substrate. No concrete dust will appear and the cleaning process will be greatly reduced for many years.

Paint Selection

If the decision to use paint has matured, then the only thing left is to choose the right one. Immediately put aside oil or alkyd, because they are not resistant to abrasion and the next repair will not be far off. It is better to choose a composition among special coatings.


In their composition they contain water, acrylic resins and special additives from polymers. In appearance, they can be matte, glossy or intermediate. The protective coating after painting is well withstands mechanical effects, is not destroyed by many chemicals, prevents them from getting into the base. The coating has high durability parameters, it is not negatively affected by high humidity and temperature. Therefore, acrylic formulations are successfully used in basements or on balconies. You can apply with a roller or brush. Usually one pass is enough, less often two passes are used.


Compositions based on epoxy resin are particularly popular. They are available in two-component formulations. The individual substances are mixed before use. The assortment of these paints usually does not shine with a great variety of colors, but in its characteristics gives a head start over many other options. Epoxy enamels are super-long-lasting and very durable, withstand mechanical stresses well and are slow to wear out. These properties allow them to be used in repair shops, production facilities, parking lots. Even outdoor areas are not afraid of these enamels.


These enamels also have a composition of two components. They proved to be excellent not only inside, but also for exterior painting. The two components are mixed well before application. The coating process is usually carried out in several stages. First a thin layer is applied. Particular attention is paid to the absence of undercoats. It must dry, and then the floor is covered again. Complete drying can take up to half a month. After a few days it is no longer sticky, then it is better to be patient and wait.


Modern industry produces many options to protect concrete, they will protect the room from dust, and the base from destruction. Before going to the store, you need to determine for yourself the main motivation: decorativeness, color, protective functions and durability. The choice is always yours.

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