Foam block or gas silicate, which is better for building

During the construction of their homes, everyone tries to use the best materials, but not always the price justifies the quality of the material used. That is why it is very important to find out all the necessary information about the future material used before the construction. Газосиликат и пеноблок

What are gas silicate blocks

Gas silicate is a building material that is used for the construction of both solid and extra walls. Refers directly to the group of cellular concrete, which can be produced in two ways, namely by the production and artisanal method. The composition of gas silicate includes lime, which during production reacts actively with the foaming agent itself, forming a huge amount of hydrogen, which forms the porous structure of the material. After that, the base is cut into blocks of the same size. There are several types of gas silicate blocks, which differ from each other by the production process:

  • Foam
  • Aerated concrete
  • Wall
  • Elbow

The strength of the material allows the use of these blocks, both in private houses and in high-rise buildings. Кладка газосиликата

Features of such building material as foam blocks

Foam block is a building material that belongs to the group of cellular concrete. It is widely used as for the construction of residential houses, and as their insulation. It consists of such foam block of sand, cement water and foaming agent. Such a composition creates a porous and lightweight structure of the block, not by the reaction, as in the case of gas silicate, but through careful mixing of the prepared foam with the resulting concrete mortar. In this case there are two types of production of foam blocks, which are in the first case the cutting of solid material, into identical blocks, or in the second version there is a pouring of mortar into the prepared molds. These methods of production allow you to produce these foam blocks right on the construction site.

Advantages and disadvantages of foam blocks and gas silicate

Foam blocks are easier to manufacture than gas silicates, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Due to the fact that the industrial production of gas silicate excludes the possibility of defects during manufacture, while self-made foam blocks can not always be at the highest level, while having excellent quality condition. But do not forget that if there is a small money budget, foam blocks can be a way out of this situation, but only if you buy these blocks in a proven places of sale. In this case, gas silicate blocks are more used material for various kinds of construction processes, but at the same time penoblok has great strength. A common characteristic for the two types of blocks is their susceptibility to moisture, due to the porous structure, so it is necessary to use additional protection during operation. But the main difference is that gas silicate due to its components is an environmentally friendly material, while foam concrete includes different chemical compositions for the formation of a porous structure.

Структура пеноблока и газосиликата
The air cells of foam block (left) and gas silicate (right)

What is good in the use of foam and gas silicate blocks during house building

First of all, the pricing policy of these materials is much lower than that of conventional sand-lime brick. Thus thanks to the light structure and low weight of gas silicate and foam concrete blocks, construction does not require the construction of a massive foundation, which also greatly reduces the financial costs. Also, these materials have high thermal insulation, which eliminates the need for additional insulation materials. Houses built of gas silicate and foam concrete blocks are reliable structures and fire-resistant. At the same time are not affected by corrosive and rotting processes, and are not attacked by rodents and other harmful insects. Another very important quality that distinguishes these gas silicate and foam concrete blocks from brick is that the blocks have large size, which in turn allows you to build a house, in much less time, while saving on used cement

To give a definite answer to the question what is better foam blocks or gas silicate blocks is impossible, everyone chooses during the construction of a house its suitable option.
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