Everything you wanted to know about the nuances of a wood and aerated concrete house

Opinions of owners on what kind of residential building is better and more expedient to build on your own plot: a house made of wood or aerated concrete, recently divided. Today the cost of concrete blocks and conventional logs reaches an equal value. It remains to prioritize, based on the existing advantages and disadvantages these materials.

Durable aerated concrete

Изображение газоблока Aerated concrete blocks took the position of leaders in the list of materials with a high level of operation and low cost for the construction of the house. This material is a combination of binders, water, aggregates and additives. As the last component is the waste aluminum: crumb or powder. The binder is represented by cement, and lime and silica sand act as aggregates.

Positive Arsenal of Advantages of Aerated Concrete

Builders note the following advantages of the material: 1. High levels of performance and durability. One of the stages of the production of aerated concrete is heat treatment. Due to this process, the resistance to loads of the material increases. The block has a uniform structure and is laid in tight rows, which minimizes the formation of gaps and cracks. 2. Vapor permeability. The porous structure of the material allows the penetration of air flow. 3. Increased resistance to high low temperatures. Experts note the ability of aerated concrete to withstand up to a hundred cycles of freezing and thawing. 4. Thermal insulation. Concrete heat insulation rates are 5 times higher than those of monolithic brick. 5. Saving on mortar. The configuration of the material makes it possible to use thin joint masonry. Accordingly the consumption of mortar is reduced. 6. Ease of masonry. The erection of the walls of a house of aerated concrete does not require special equipment. Its cutting and other processing is acceptable with hand tools. Also, manufacturers create different sizes of the material, which makes it possible to build a house of any geometric shape. Parameters of concrete blocks provide an opportunity to significantly reduce the construction time. 7. Low cost. The price of aerated concrete does not exceed the cost of bricks, but can be higher than some types of wood.

Not everything is smooth..

There are no advantages without disadvantages. They are also present in concrete blocks: – a house made of aerated concrete is not appropriate for seasonal living. The absence of permanent life in the structure reduces the life of the material; – low level of waterproofing leads to the accumulation of moisture in the pores. Therefore, the material requires additional measures to eliminate this problem; – low level of prismatic strength. Masonry blocks require a professional approach of specialists, who lead the work, observing the technology of the map. – high requirements for the thickness of the walls of the house. The thickness of the walls of the building from aerated concrete, taking into account the insulation, should be from 60 cm to 1 meter. Most builders have long ago decided: the gas concrete building is ideal for permanent residence, wooden beam buildings are suitable for seasonal construction. Блоки из газобетона

Houses of wooden beams

Many builders in recent years give preference to wooden beams as the main material of construction. Arguing that the environmental performance and performance characteristics. Houses are erected from conventional, glued and profiled beams. Depending on what type of material and technology of its use, builds the cost of construction and its technical performance. For example, the cheapest is the usual bar, but it is not subjected to additional processing. As a consequence, it is prone to deformation. The same technical properties are possessed by the profiled material. The price policy is different expensive glued beam, which is subjected to special treatment by the manufacturer. As a result, the material resists deformations, temperature and moisture changes.

Significant advantages of a wooden house

Деревянный дом внутри The superiority of wood over aerated concrete is as follows: 1. High maintenance. Several generations can live in a house made of wood. The service life sometimes reaches several hundred years. 2. Eco-friendliness. Wood has the capacity of air flow and does not emit harmful impurities, on the contrary, contains valuable for the health of the human body phytoncides. 3. Low weight of the material. For the construction of a wooden house does not need to worry about a massive base, because the material has a small weight. On this basis, the cost of construction is reduced. 4. Reduced term of construction works. Bar structures are erected quickly and easily. 5. High indicators of heat insulation. By building a house of timber, the builder reduces the cost of heating in advance. 6. Resistant to earthquakes. 7. The possibility of saving on finishing work. The aesthetic look of wood does not need finishing measures.

What should be wary of when building a wooden house?

The disadvantages of timber although not many, but they are significant:

  • susceptibility to the spread of fungi and parasites. Log buildings require antiseptic treatment;
  • low fire resistance rating. Wood is easily flammable. Therefore it is necessary to impregnate the base material with special substances;
  • susceptibility to the formation of cracks in the drying material. The structure may be subject to various types of deformation when using cheap raw materials.

Дом из бруса From the above, we can conclude: If you build a house from wood, then only from expensive glued beam. The material is pre-treated and does not have all of the above drawbacks. Using this type of timber, you can not worry about internal finishing works.

Each of the materials described above is good in its own way. To draw a line under the question, “which house is better to build?”, is difficult. As for the cost, it is more economically feasible to give preference to a structure made of timber. You will not have to invest in a solid foundation, as well as to pay for the material and work resources related to finishing work. The wooden construction will cost 2 times cheaper than the aerated concrete. The choice is yours!

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