Popular ways to finish exterior walls of foam blocks

Foam blocks are often used to build country houses and cottages. They are inexpensive and easy to build. With their help, you can create buildings of various shapes and numbers. Upon completion of construction is always a question of external finishing a house of foam blocks. Since the material has its own characteristics, the most appropriate ways are chosen. For finishing, it is better to use materials that will allow the walls to breathe. Therefore, the external insulation with foam plastic, coating with cement mortar or film paints that do not allow air to pass through is not suitable here. The outer side of the facade must also be able to withstand frost and not let moisture in from the outside.

Types of finishes

Here are the most well-known methods in modern private construction:

  • Facades with ventilation;
  • Exterior cladding with stone or brick;
  • Stucco coatings;
  • Exterior finishing of the house with paints that are permeable to steam.

Let’s look at each type of finish in more detail.

Ventilated facades

Вентилируемые фасады This type of exterior coating is the best way to protect against the effects of weather conditions. Finish your own hands walls can be siding, battens or sheets of metal (ceramic). An additional advantage is the possibility of installing insulation on the inner side of the cladding. It will not interfere with the ventilation of the wall and keeps heat well inside in winter. Fastening is carried out to the furring. To its fastening should be treated with particular care. Usually long nails or expansion anchors are used. Separate ventilation is needed for this type of covering. Ventilated facades are suitable for buildings of any configuration and number of floors. Houses finished with blockhouse with their own hands look good. This material is a wooden profiled board that imitates a log wall from the outside. To fix it, you need a frame of wooden slats or profiles. The resulting gap is needed to ventilate the walls.

Finishing with brick or stone

To apply such a coating, it is necessary to provide a reliable foundation in advance. It is laid at the design stage. If the owner has decided on this type of coating after the construction of walls, it is necessary to select the thickness of the facing based on the height of the existing foundation. This option is more expensive than others, but such a house looks very expensive and solid. Not everyone can do it qualitatively with their own hands, so usually hire professionals. The facade serves for many years without repair, is durable and not afraid of moisture.


Оштукатуривание пеноблоков Exterior finishing of the house of foam concrete blocks with different types of special plasters is an inexpensive and convenient way of protection. It is easy to perform with your own hands. Plaster should buy only vapor-permeable. Before the work, the walls are reinforced with a mesh. It is especially important that it is located in the areas of tension of the coating. These include: corners of the building, window openings, places of facade bends. When plastering, it is necessary to maintain the temperature regime. Drying out is very dangerous. It should not be allowed under any circumstances.

Coating with paints

Окраска пеноблоков Finishing the walls of foam blocks with paints based on silicone resin with your own hands – a fairly inexpensive and uncomplicated way. These paints repel water, withstand exposure to the atmosphere, do not allow pests to develop and do not create a film impermeable to the air. Silicone-based compounds do not become soft in the summer sun. They are not affected by dust and dirt. To create a beautiful and high-quality surface, the wall of foam blocks is primed beforehand, then a reinforcing mesh and a small layer of facade plaster (7-9 mm) is put on it. The plaster should be primed and only the final step will be painting.

Conclusion. We have talked briefly about the main types of exterior wall coverings made of foam blocks. The options are completely different, but all are perfectly suitable for this material and have proven themselves in practice. It all depends on the preference of the owner and his monetary possibilities. You can do everything with your own hands, the good news is that there is now a sufficient amount of useful information on the Internet. The main thing – it is to make your house warm, durable and beautiful outside.
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