Technology of laying foam block or gas block with your own hands

Penoblock is one of the most versatile building materials. But it is necessary to know how to lay foam blocks correctly. During its production, a blowing agent is added to the mixture of sand, cement and water. It forms hollow cells inside the block. Its properties are very unique: lightweight, environmentally friendly, long life, can withstand about 5-7 hours at high temperatures of open flame. Work with it is easy and convenient, it has good insulation properties, and the low cost will be affordable to everyone who wants to build a house with their own hands. Often use its “relative” in the internal composition, – aerated concrete. These two building materials are often confused with each other. Aerated concrete is different in that it is made exclusively with the help of autoclaves, where at high temperature and pressure hydrogen bubbles are released.

Peculiarities of laying foam blocks

Before laying out the first row, you need to know a few important aspects:

  • The blocks can be pressed together using glue and cement mortar;
  • The joints between the foam blocks must not have voids;
  • Reinforcing masonry is a must;

Still, laying foam block on glue will save both time and material. When laying blocks on a mixture of cement and sand, it is necessary to initially moisten them, for even drying of the solution. Then the masonry will be strong compared to laying on the glue. You can use both imported and domestic glue.

How to lay the foam blocks

In the first row of masonry penoblocks, it is mandatory to use a cement mixture. The foundation is ready, which means that you can put an even layer of cement-sand mortar (about 2 cm) on it, then lay a layer of waterproofing. This may be hydroisol, Rubermast, Bikrost. The second layer of cement mixture is applied over the waterproofing and laid the first row of foam blocks. According to the same rules, the aerated concrete is also laid. A solid foundation directly proportionally affects the even geometry of the walls. If you build a house with your own hands, you should know that masonry should start from the corner of the future house. In order to avoid voids, it is necessary that the glue or cement mixture evenly cover the surface.


Reinforcement should be used to increase the strength and reliability of the structure. To ensure that the weight on the wall does not create cracks at the joints, reinforcement or wire mesh (4-5 mm) should be used every 4 rows. For it specially cut out potholes with a grinder or strokborezom. It is easy to do, as well as aerated concrete, foam block is easy to handle. It is important to know that when the distance from the corner to the corner of the blind wall is equal to 3 m, additional reinforcement is made.

The last step

Check for unevenness of the wall can be checked with a level or a stretched cord and a plumb line. You can use a laser level or a leveler. Finishes masonry special monolithic U-blocks with reinforced metal reinforcement. The thickness of the belt should be at least 10-15 cm. Construction with their own hands can continue in 25-30 days, after the complete hardening of concrete.

The subtleties of masonry foam block:

  • The first thing to pay attention to is the foundation. If it will be mounted from concrete blocks, then to all this must necessarily be performed strapping reinforced concrete belt, or pour the foundation solid monolith;
  • For laying on the glue and cement mixture, watch the geometry of the blocks, they must be even and the same size;
  • The glue does not carry any special warnings, the main thing is that it has good adhesive properties;
  • If it is necessary to use a reinforcing belt, it is worth thinking about additional insulation, because without it foam blocks have a better performance.
To avoid heat loss, when using a cement mixture, foam blocks should be placed in two rows, thereby closing the vertical joint. If you use glue, then this is not necessary.

How to lay foam blocks or aerated concrete is not difficult to figure out. Adhering to all the above tips, you can easily build a house with your own hands, and experienced builders will tell you that laying a house of foam – it is not only profitable, but also much easier than, for example, build a house of bricks.Gas concrete also stack on such principles. The main advantage that attracts many people to the construction of foam concrete, it is easy to build with their own hands. It is enough to build load-bearing walls and one supporting partition, and you can construct the space as you wish, provided that the foundation will be reliable. How to properly lay foam blocks now knows everyone, now there is little else to do. (1 ratings, average: 4.00 из 5)

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