How to install a door in a house made of foam block

Foam block is one of the most popular building materials used for low-rise construction. Due to its unique combination of low price, good thermal insulation characteristics and durability, foam block is often used for the construction of supporting walls and interior partitions. Naturally, sooner or later before the builder of the house there is a question – how to insert the door into the house of foam-crete.

What is foam block

Foamblock refers to cellular concrete. He has many advantages:

  • easy to work with;
  • it does not weigh much;
  • its thermal conductivity is 3 times that of bricks and 8 times that of concrete;
  • soundproofing;
  • vapor barrier;
  • chemical and biological resistance, corrosion resistance.

The main advantage of foam block is that when building a house from it you do not need to spend extra money on insulation, and heating costs are reduced by 3 times. A house made of foam blocks has its own advantages:

  • a small load on the foundation;
  • economy on labor intensity of works, thanks to the big size of the block;
  • the microclimate inside a house of foam concrete is similar to the microclimate of a wooden house.

Penoblock has one disadvantage: it is fragile. A house made of foam concrete is necessarily reinforced at several levels. Therefore, the installation of doors and windows in the masonry foam blocks is a special technology. It is better in a house of cellular concrete to install doors no wider than 1 meter, wider will create a heavy load on the walls and cause inconvenience when opening.

Installing the entrance door into the foam concrete with anchoring

Step 1

Установка двери в проем из пеноблока

  1. Prepare the opening (the size of the opening should be 20mm larger than the size of the box, the maximum tolerance of +25 mm on each side.
  2. The surface of the framing planes must be flat and smooth, without any build-up of plaster mortar and cracks.

Step 2

Установка двери в проем из пеноблока

  1. Install the door from the outside of the opening.
  2. Level the frame in the opening with wooden wedges of the required size, placing them between the wall and the frame on the inside of the door. If the floor of the opening is uneven, install wooden wedges in the door sill.
  3. Check the installation of the door frame using a level.

Step 3

Установка двери в проем из пеноблока

  1. Using a perforator (electric drill) through the places provided on the door frame, make holes in the wall for the anchor bolts (diameter 10.5 mm, depth 130 mm). The diameter of the anchor bolt is 10 mm.
  2. Inserting the anchor bolts into the prepared holes, tighten the nuts until the anchors are fully secured in the wall. Close the holes in the frame with plastic plugs.Check the installation of the door frame with the help of the level.
  3. On the opposite side, through the places provided on the door frame, drill holes. Insert the anchor bolts in the prepared holes and tighten the nuts until the anchors are fully secured in the wall. Cover the holes in the frame with plastic plugs.
  4. Drill holes in the upper part of the frame through the places provided on the box.Insert the anchor bolts into the prepared holes and tighten the nuts until the anchors are fully secured in the wall.

Step 4

Установка двери в проем из пеноблока

  1. Check the installation of the door frame using a level.
  2. Remove the wooden wedges and carefully fill the space between the wall and the door frame with installation foam.
  3. Install the hardware on the locking part. The door is installed and ready to use.

Installing doors in foam concrete

Foamcrete refers to lightweight cellular concrete, so it is soft and porous. There are several ways to install a metal door in an aerated concrete house:

  • on anchors – this method is good for narrow openings;
  • on chemical anchors for aerated concrete;
  • on a specially welded metal frame;
  • with the help of wooden strapping;
  • to the additionally laid out brick wall.

The weight of a standard metal front door usually ranges from 45 to 90 pounds, but can exceed 100 pounds. While all of these technologies have the right to exist, the most popular is the installation of the door with a response frame.

How to fix the door to the wooden trim

When installing a front door in aerated concrete, it is important to ensure that it stands on the foundation, rather than on the block – this is a stronger and more reliable foundation. A heavy door can experience serious shock loads, due to which, sooner or later, the entire mounting system can loosen. To prevent this deformation, it is recommended to install the frame so as to distribute the loads that act on the door over a large area by means of fixed wooden frames with embedded bars. The frames are made of dryboard, furniture board, plywood and timber. The wood is first impregnated with antiseptics. If possible – preference should be given to larch – one of the most moisture-resistant types of wood. When installing small doors use or buried in the aerated concrete embedded bar or overhead wooden panels in the opening to the thickness of the wall. The wood is attached to chemical anchors or otherwise to a layer of aerated concrete glue. Further, it is additionally fastened to the wall of gas concrete with anchors specifically for cellular concrete and to prevent rocking – self-tapping screws 7.5 cm in length. The wooden panels can be solid or made of wooden strips, which are inserted 61 cm centrally. After installation the gaps between the wall and the frame are filled with foam. This will allow the frame to be fixed more rigidly due to the opposite direction of the self-tapping screws and the expansion of the installation foam. For large doors, a wooden frame is made and the strapping is mounted more firmly. The anchors are embedded in the drilled hole with a depth of 15 cm and spaced no more than 61 cm using epoxy resin. If the anchor is to be embedded during laying, you can use aerated concrete adhesive. A groove is cut into the block, an anchor is inserted into it and the cavity is filled with adhesive. To the mortar anchor with a washer and a nut is installed wooden strapping of the opening. You can additionally fix it with self-drilling screws. To the tie already attached garage hinges or door frame.

Installation in a metal frame

To strengthen the opening, you can weld a frame of stiffeners from the angle 40 to 40 or thick-walled profile tube section of 80×80 or 100x100mm. Tubes should run from the floor in the opening to the ceiling, and to the floors to be attached to the anchor bolts. The distance between them should correspond to the width of the box. Pipes can be sunk into the foam blocks, for which you will have to cut chinks. Next, you need to drill the pipes, fixing them with anchors in the aerated concrete. Even more secure installation of steel doors can be arranged with steel caskets, which are installed during the construction phase of the walls. The embedded steel doors are reinforcing bars welded to the plate. The reinforcement is embedded in the slots in the aerated concrete walls during the laying of the foam concrete blocks. The open slots are filled with mortar or adhesive for aerated concrete or epoxy. The door frame is fixed by welding with steel plates or by bolted connection.

It is necessary to pay attention to the final foaming of the door in the opening. The door is also well held in the opening thanks to the installation foam, which dampens the vibration from the impact during closing. It is important that the walls have good adhesion before the foam is applied.
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